3 Things You Should Know About EMT Courses

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An Emergency Medical Technician or EMT is one of many different types of first responders. An EMT typically acts as the first point of contact when first responders are required and may help transport people to hospitals or provide certain types of treatment. Here are three things you should know about EMT courses.

  1. You Need To Find A Program

You must apply for and complete an accredited, government-approved EMT program before you can work as an EMT. The easiest way to find an EMT program is to look for EMT courses near me. You can then cross-reference the programs you find with the database provided by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

  1. You To Meet Certain Requirements

There are a couple of things you need to do before you can be accepted to an EMT program. You’re required to provide proof of having received either a GED or a high school diploma to apply to all EMT programs. Most of these programs will also require you to get certified in CPR, though this will vary by program and region.

  1. You Need Pass Assessments

You will be required to pass two assessments: the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician cognitive exam and a psychomotor exam administered by the state in which you’re getting certified. The former assessment tests your knowledge of the program and whether you can accurately recall and perform the procedures you were taught. The latter tests your ability to respond and stay calm during various emergency situations you may encounter in the real world after you’ve been certified.

Becoming an EMT is only one option for people who want to be first responders. You may also be interested in similar roles at higher or lower levels, such as Advanced EMT or Emergency Medical Responder or paramedic.