Six Ways Your Business Can Provide Meaningful Philanthropy

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It is good for companies to foster philanthropy and encourage their employees to give back. Workers are happier when their company donates to charity, and giving back can strengthen the sense of community within an organization. Here are some ways that your business can incorporate philanthropy into your corporate culture.

Offer Free Services to a Charity

Your business could offer one of the services that you normally provide customers to a charity, free of charge. This pro bono work can help your workforce to get excited about giving back in a concrete way. David Johnson Cane Bay Partners believes that corporations who practice giving back motivate employees to be more invested in their company. You may want to allow your people to help you choose the charity that will benefit from your services.

Give Time Off for Volunteers

Give your employees paid time off to use on volunteering for a charity of their choice. This makes it easy for employees to volunteer for charities during the day rather than using up their precious evening or weekend hours. It is a good point to use in recruiting talent to a company. It also gives the company a good reputation within the community. Employees will enjoy sharing with their team why they chose a certain charity to volunteer with.

Cover or Match Employee Donations

Your company could match a certain amount of employees’ donations to charity or set aside an amount of money that each worker can choose to donate to a charity of their choice. You can set some guidelines on which charities are eligible, but don’t put too many restrictions on your employees’ choices. Try giving workers $1,000 each to donate to the charity they choose and see how it changes their attitude for the better.

Have Teams Volunteer Together

Volunteering together is a great team-building activity. Choose something that all team members can volunteer for on the same day, such as building a house for Habitat for Humanity. The team will become closer as a result of doing this volunteer work together. It will give everyone positive memories and a good perspective on the company, too.

Create Donation Drives for Used Goods

Provide opportunities for your workers to donate used business clothing for needy job-seekers, used electronics for schools or holiday donations of toys for children. Maybe your employees have been thinking about donating but have not gotten around to it; this will make it very easy for them. They can feel good about helping people and keeping used goods out of the landfill at the same time.

Choose a Charity To Receive a Percentage of Your Profits

Choose a charity that everyone can get behind, such as one that provides clean water to a third-world community, and earmark a small percentage of your company’s profits to go to that charity. This will make your employees eager to put in the extra effort to grow your profits, knowing that the charity will benefit, too.

There are many ways your company can give back to the community while involving your employees in the process. These ideas should help you to get started.