The Most Important Virtualization Courses for Employers

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Cloud-based services and applications are becoming the norm for all-sized companies. More organizations are abandoning the traditional data centers and moving toward hybrid infrastructures. The result is an uptick in demand for virtualization skills among new and existing employees. Whether you are looking to advance or begin your career, having virtualization courses under your belt is a major benefit and will help increase the number of job opportunities while boosting your salary potential.

CompTIA has found that the fop five factors contributing to a challenging hiring landscape is finding candidates with the right expertise within emerging technology fields and the best way to learn those skills is through training. Keep reading to learn more about the best virtualization courses from the top four providers: Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware.


Cisco’s Unified Computing System is a platform, for virtualization at the data center level. Most Cisco options combine VMware and Citrix virtualization solutions. Therefore, by taking Cisco virtualization courses, you are gaining experience across many platforms that will ensure you easily work across technologies. The most common courses include Cisco Data Center Networking v1.0, Cisco Data Center Technologies v1.0. Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Implementation v5.0, and Cisco Data Center Unified Fabric v5.0.


The mobile workspace solutions offered by Citrix allow businesses to work together and connect in real-time. They provide desktop, application, and server virtualization services for over 400,000 organizations globally. 98-percent of Fortune 500 firms utilize Citrix technologies. The company’s primary virtualization products include Citrix Hypervisor and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. You can take their virtualization courses to earn a certification at the associate, professional, and expert levels. The certifications are valid for three years and then must be renewed.


Most modern companies rely on some form of Microsoft products within their infrastructure. Technologies like Windows Server and MS Azure dominate the virtualization and cloud space. There are countless virtualization courses and certifications available to help bring your career to the next level. Some of the best training courses include Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions, Developing Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions, Securing Windows Server 2016, Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure, and Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud.

Microsoft virtualization certifications are sought-after by employers because these certifications exemplify your ability to implement and understand specific virtualization technologies. Since some form of Microsoft products is used at major companies, being certified is the gold standard.


VMware is the global leader in virtualization technologies. vSphere is VMware’s base platform that helps companies manage, run, secure, and connect applications across the cloud and data centers. The latest version of their virtualization cloud platform was launched in April 2018 and addressed new trends like infrastructure security, the diversity and growth of applications, and the increasing use of hybrid cloud environments. Their virtualization courses at the associate, professional, advanced professional, and design expert ranks allow you to become a VMware Certified Professional.

There is no denying the value of learning cloud-based computing hardware and software. Virtualization now touches almost all aspects of IT and presents agility, cost savings, and flexibility within companies. Are you ready to gain virtualization experience and advance your career?