Top Skilled Trade Careers To Pursue

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College is not the only avenue for a successful career. Skilled trades have a constant need for new apprentices, which makes this area of work a dependable, long-lasting option. Many of these careers have on-the-job training so you can get paid while you learn to excel in your chosen profession. Here are some of the top areas to consider when you want to pursue a skilled trade.

HVAC Technician

If you’re interested in all areas of heating and cooling, becoming an HVAC technician salary Flint MI may be your top choice. This job entails maintaining, repairing and installing any heating, cooling, ventilation or refrigeration systems. You can tailor your career for residential or commercial areas.


Electricians take care of anything that includes power, such as wiring, circuit breakers, appliances and lighting. All that you need to enter this career path is a high school diploma and a certificate from a trade school.


If you enjoy working with wood and building things, becoming a carpenter can be the perfect job choice. You will spend your days making cabinets, repairing wood items, installing staircases and more. Any and all wood and building projects can be tackled when you learn how to excel in a carpentry career.


One of the most essential skilled trades for society is plumbing. Each day is spent fixing pipes, unclogging drains, repairing toilets and increasing flow. This may be a messy job, but it’s necessary to keep each home as sanitary as possible.


If you love machinery and tinkering around with objects, becoming a millwright can satisfy your love of repairing things while providing you with a healthy income. Millwrights typically work around industrial-size machines, dismantling, repairing and assembling them when needed.

Each of these skills can allow you to have a satisfying career working with your hands while enjoying a healthy income to care for your family.