Women in the Workforce

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When you begin thinking about a new career, it is important to consider what you want most out of your new workplace. Perhaps being in a female-dominated industry is important to you, maybe it’s the salary or it could be the potential for growth throughout your career.

Whether you’re fresh out of college, looking for a new job to leave your current or coming back to the workforce after some time away, transitioning into a new career is a big decision, especially as a woman in the workforce.

Female-Dominated Industries

It may seem like most of the leading industries are male-dominated, but there are a plethora of career opportunities open to women Kinston NC. Teaching takes the top spot for female-dominated industries; whether you are looking to teach primary, secondary or post-secondary, you are sure to be surrounded by other hard-working women who are passionate about their work. Even if you do not have a background in teaching there are plenty of bridge programs that help individuals transition to a career in teaching without needing a degree in education. Behind teaching, other occupations that are typically female-dominated are dental assistant roles, speech-language pathology and administrative assistants.

Highest Paying Careers 

If a high salary is a primary motivator for you, choosing to enter the medical field in some capacity would be a great option. Physicians and surgeons are among some of the highest-paid individuals in the medical field followed by pharmacists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. While these jobs may offer a higher salary than others, it is important to note that to work in any of these medical roles, you will need several years of the required education.

Transitioning into a new career can be a big step to take, but by knowing what motivates you most and using this to drive your career search, you are sure to find the right step to take.