First-time Waxing: What You Should Know

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Waxing is an excellent form of hair removal in both men and women. If you want to remove your unwanted hairs without having them grow back for weeks, waxing might be the right choice for you. If you plan to get waxed for the first time, here’s some helpful information.

The Process of Waxing Hair Removal

It’s important not to shave before your appointment so the wax can adhere to your hair follicles. Some professionals use an applicator during the waxing process. Soft fabric strips are placed on top of the wax and then pulled off quickly in the direction your hair grows to remove it. Oil is then applied to remove any wax residue.

A waxing professional might also use a wooden popsicle stick to spread the wax. The wax is removed with fabric strips four to five times during each wax session, depending on your tolerance level — making sure that every hair is pulled out by its roots.

After waxing, you may experience some redness, but this irritation should go away after about an hour or two once the skin’s surface cools off again. Waxing sessions are often spaced out every six to eight weeks unless you have naturally slow hair growth, in which case your interval will be longer.

Areas for Wax

Typically, waxing is done on body areas such as the upper lip, legs, arms, and bikini line. However, waxing isn’t limited to these regions only. If you are interested in waxing other areas of your body, it is best to talk with waxing Long Island NY professionals to see what options are available.

Benefits of Waxing

Waxing produces excellent results because there are no razor bumps or ingrown hairs like you get from shaving. Waxing also removes hair below the skin’s surface without breaking any of your hair follicles — so you don’t have to worry about stubble coming back in a week or two. Waxing also doesn’t aggregate the bacteria on your skin or scratch your skin’s surface area like shaving, so waxed regions are less likely to get infected.

Now that you understand the benefits and process of waxing, you’ll be ready for your first appointment.