Hair Braiding Specialist Job Description

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Like hiring hair braiding specialists Portland OR, a Hair Braiding Specialist Job Description describes the duties and responsibilities of this professional. The skills and talents required for the position include creating intricate designs, mixing and matching styles, and creating unique patterns. Hair braiding requires steady handwork and great skill. The job also requires a high level of patience since new braids can take several hours to create. In addition, braiding requires standing for long periods of time, so a pair of comfortable shoes is a smart investment.

Job description of a hair braider

A hair braider has the distinct job of creating beautiful, intricate designs by twisting and wrapping strands of hair. These styles range from traditional to intricate, but not everyone prefers to go with the latter. A hair braider can also create dreadlocks, and in some states, the job description includes the title of loctician. Locticians are highly skilled in the styling, maintenance, and rolling of dreadlocks, which complement their hair braiding training.

After every service, hair braiders should clean all non-electrical equipment. Disinfecting non-electrical equipment means immersing it in disinfectant or bleach solution. Rinsing with clean water should follow. In addition, hair braiders should clean all surfaces that have contact with consumers. Moreover, they should keep all the products in their respective containers, which should be clean and legible. Additionally, they should always close the containers when not in use.

Training required

Hair braiding specialists have different training requirements, and the hours required for licensure vary. Depending on the state, training may range from a few hours online to over 2,000. In some states, the emphasis is on sanitation and safety, while others do not require any formal training. The Institute for Justice, for example, found an inverse relationship between hours of training and licensure. As a result, not all braiding specialists are licensed.

In the state of New York, hair braiding is a common practice. Although no formal training is required for this career, it is a relatively low-stakes job. A hair braiding session may take several hours, so ensuring that your customers are happy and comfortable is critical. Good customer service may also result in repeat business, which makes it vitally important to provide great customer service.

Career opportunities

A hair braiding specialist has the unique opportunity to learn and practice dreadlock and palm rolling techniques. The skill will allow him or her to create unique designs and create symmetrical patterns while ensuring that the finished product is consistent from one part of the head to the other. In addition, they will have the opportunity to create their own tools. In addition to learning how to braid hair, this job title will also allow you to develop and use new techniques to create more advanced styles.

A career in hair braiding is a rewarding choice for those who are passionate about hair styling. It allows individuals to flex their creativity while enjoying a rewarding job. While hair braiding is still a highly specialized career, it’s one that’s growing in popularity throughout the United States. A hair braiding specialist can create stunning styles and help clients feel their best. In addition, as the world becomes more diverse, hair braiding is becoming more acceptable in mainstream beauty and fashion circles.


A salary for a hair braiding specialist can vary considerably, but the average person earns approximately $77K per year. This position requires a good amount of hand-skilled expertise, including the ability to braid hair on a complex scale. In addition, many hair braiders are called on to style tresses for special events. They may be expected to work in different parts of the country, and many are trained in specific styles, such as twisted braids.

The salary for a HAIR braider in the U.S. is between $34,190 and $46,802, which is nearly 143% higher than the national average. However, the cost of living in a certain area may be a determining factor. Some of the best-paying cities for this career include San Jose, CA, Oakland, CA, and Tanaina, AK. Salary ranges for these positions may vary based on the individual’s experience and their employer’s location.