How To Choose the Right Type of Office Chair

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The chair you sit in while working may be the most important part of keeping your body posture correct and prevent injuries from occurring. Even with stretch breaks, your body will be in your chair for the majority of the day so choosing the best one is critical for your well being. Many office chairs are on the market so how do you know what the right one is? Let’s look at the different types available.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are manufactured to provide lumbar support, which leads to a neutral spine position while sitting. This can help prevent poor circulation, back pain and neck pain. They usually have wheels and a height adjustment bar so you can place your feet firmly on the floor while working. You can test out different chairs in a store for office furniture Indianapolis to see which one you like the best.

Executive Chairs

The ultimate in luxury in an office space, the executive chair includes thick padding, a high back and ergonomic design wrapped up in high end fabric choices such as leather. If you have the money and want top-notch comfort, this may become your favorite chair.

Drafting Chairs

For those professions where employees need to sit and stand regularly, such as architects and artists, drafting chairs are essential. They allow people to sit and stand with ease when moving from drawing or drafting work to computer work.

Conference Chairs

Used in community office spaces for meetings and other gatherings, conference chairs will not be used as often as other types of chairs in an office. As such, they typically have less lumbar support, which means they cost less.

Various types of seating in an office is necessary to provide employees with a comfortable place to work and give clients a place to sit while meeting with you. Decide on your needs before you go shopping so you purchase exactly what your office needs.