3 Things To Do When You Lose Your Job

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Losing your job is a painful experience, especially if it happens unexpectedly and isn’t a result of poor work performance. It is important to take some time to process and grieve your loss before you take steps towards your next position. When the time is right, here are three things to do to start your job hunt.

Contact a Staffing Service

Make an appointment with a recruiter at one of the best staffing services Holyoke MA in your community. He or she will review your resume and learn more about your skills and experience before recommending a course of action to get you to your next job. The recruiter may know of an available opening in your field or have a temporary position you could start now with the possibility of being hired permanently after a few months.

Start Networking

Give each of your former colleagues and bosses a call to let them know you are actively looking for a new job and to contact you if they hear of anything available. Update your LinkedIn profile settings to show you are job hunting and activate the website’s job search feature. Reach out to members of any professional networks you are involved with as well.

Check Your Online Presence

Before offering you a job, employers often look you up online to learn more about you. Google your name and make sure nothing comes up that you wouldn’t want your new boss to see. Look at all your social media posts and delete anything inappropriate. Your goal here is to show you are active on social media but that you use it in a positive way.

Doing these three things will jumpstart the search for your next job and keep you focused on the future. You may even find yourself accepting an even better position than the one you lost.