What You Should Know About Independent Elementary Schools

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Independent schools are often considered nonpublic or private schools. They may include charter and parochial schools. However, if you plan to send your child to an independent elementary school Arlington MA, you should know a few things about them.


Independent schools differ slightly from private schools in that they have their own boards of trustees, separate from any other organization, while true private schools may be governed by a church or other organization. However, to become accredited, these schools typically have to follow specific state guidelines with regard to course availability and school governance.


Independent schools do not typically receive government funds. They are also not funded by any linked organization, such as a church. Therefore, student tuition funds these schools. Some states provide tax incentives or grants for parents of independent or private schools. Scholarships may also be available. The school will typically have a list of ways parents can fund their children’s educations.


Each school has a unique mission and admissions process. The goal of independent schools is to enhance student learning and provide superior education. Independent school accreditation requires that the school create a clear philosophy and mission.


Although nonaffiliated independent schools are not funded by the government, they must adhere to the State Board of Private Academic Schools’ licensing requirements. Therefore, they must offer a high-quality education through certified teachers. These schools must also prove the same or similar courses as public schools.

Unlicensed schools are typically affiliated with a religious organization. Although they are typically registered with the state, they do not have to be licensed. However, these schools may seek accreditation with the state, which could change their curricula somewhat.

If you have any elementary-aged children and you want to give them a superior-quality education, consider researching local independent schools.