Where’s Aluminum Used Most?

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Aluminum foil is a lifesaver when cooking in the oven or looking to cover up leftovers in the fridge. While it’s a beneficial household item, the metal has many other uses throughout different industries. It’s the third most abundant metal in the earth and serves many purposes in society. Companies that create traffic products Ontario or factories that house a lot of large machinery use aluminum in different facets. Here are two of the most common industries where aluminum is found.

  1. Transportation

Aluminum is a light metal that is great when making cars, trains and buses. The metal can move through the air easier which gives a vehicle better fuel efficiency, making you happier at the gas pump. Steel is still pretty popular in car development, but as there’s more of a push to preserve the environment, aluminum is better favored because aluminum fosters a more fuel-efficient car.

  1. Construction

Using aluminum is a major win for construction companies and business owners because aluminum is virtually maintenance-free. The metal doesn’t rust, stores heat and air conditioning much better and can be morphed into any shape an architect desires. It’s much less maintenance than construction counterparts such as brick steel because steel rusts and bricks can fall apart based on wear, tear and age. If you wanted a unique-shaped building or house, aluminum would be a good choice because of its malleability, as well.

Finding ways to take what the earth provides and turn it into human-helping products is a great feature of mankind’s adaptability. Harvesting earth-made products and using them in valuable fields such as transportation and construction show just how resourceful humans are. If you’ve figured out unique ways to use your aluminum foil past your kitchen, then you too are showing your resourcefulness with something as bountiful as aluminum.