Steps to Becoming a Truck Driver

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If becoming a truck driver seems like a career path worth pursuing, there are a few key steps you must take to prepare for the job.

Professional Training

The first step to preparing for a career as a truck driver is to complete the required training. Many community colleges offer courses along with private truck driving schools and also some companies offer in-house training options. During training, you will learn both truck maintenance and on-the-road skills to prepare you for your pre-license testing.

Physical Exam

Before you can obtain your license, you must pass a certified physical exam to ensure the safety of yourself and others. The examiner will check your medical history as well as check your physical well-being for any area of concern. They will check vital functions such as your eyesight, heart and back and spine to name a few.

It is important to note that the DOT physical exams Rockville MD must be conducted by approved providers and most states require renewed physicals every two years. When you pass your physical exam, your results will need to be provided to the DOT to proceed to the next step.

Job Placement & Career Start

After obtaining your license, you are ready to start looking for jobs. A great place to start is to join truck-driving associations which often offer job search support through job boards and career counseling connections.

Once you secure a job, most companies will require you to complete their in-house training program to ensure you understand the expectations and procedures that are to be used when driving for them.

Becoming a truck driver can be a lucrative career with many job opportunities. If you enjoy being on the road and do not mind sitting for extended periods, it would be a great option for you.