Essential Features that School Management Software Should Have

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School management software should meet the core administrative processes you aim to improve. When buying management software for the school, consider its functionality against the tasks you aim to improve. Some of the essential features the software should have include

Timetable Management

You need to create a schedule for the students enrolled in a class. With Innovare SIP, you can easily put lessons on the online school calendar and share them with students and teachers. This scheduling functionality of the software can help you create recurring or one-off lessons.

Attendance Management

Teachers and administrators should be able to take attendance in bulk using the school management software. Teachers should review the attendance list of students online using the software.


School management software should help you with creating and managing online grade books. This feature should enable you to create student assessments and create performance data automatically.

Teacher Management

School software management should aid in teacher management. The software should allow you to create a profile of teachers the same way they do those for students. Having all the data you require from teachers in one place and assigning them to classes is a standard functionality of Innovare SIP.