5 Perks to Becoming a Substitute Teacher

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Jobs for substitute teachers are rarely in short supply. School districts everywhere are always in need of coverage for daily, short-term, and long-term jobs. Becoming a substitute teacher is simple, and once you have your certification, it can be a great way to make some money.

Here are just five benefits to becoming a substitute teacher.

Easy Application Process

To get your substitute certification, all you have to do is apply and get fingerprinted. A school district will use a background screening company to run a background check. Once the background check has been completed, you will be eligible to apply to substitute teach.

Flexible Schedule

Substitute teaching offers a very flexible schedule. Not only can you work as much or as little as you want, but you also won’t need to put in time-off requests. In addition, you’ll also have the option to choose which jobs you take.


If you like to avoid monotony, substitute teaching is an excellent choice for income. You can teach different grades or subjects and even in multiple districts.


Most school districts are always in need of substitute teachers, so you’ll likely have no problem finding work. If the school districts in your area aren’t suffering a substitute shortage, you can simply apply to work in multiple towns to ensure you have regular work.


As a substitute teacher, you have the opportunity to gain experience in the education field. For example, suppose you’re a college student looking to get noticed at a school district or just want to have something to put on your resume. In that case, substitute teaching can be a good option.

If you’re looking for work or want to add to your resume, substitute teaching could be the job for you. It’s easy to get certified and even easier to get work, which allows you to earn income more quickly. And, ultimately, working with students and other educators can prove to be rewarding in the long run.