Why Businesses Use Staffing Agencies For Hiring In the Current Job Market

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Staffing agencies are a great way to hire temporary employees before hiring full-time staff. Temporary and permanent staffing recruiters and agencies are growing quickly in the unstable American job market. There are several reasons why it makes sense for companies to use staffing agencies.

It saves time to have someone else search for and contact new talent.

Whether a company is just starting out or its HR department is maxed out on its workload, hiring a staffing agency reduces the need to look up candidates online. These potential workers have already been vetted by their staffing agencies and have received background checks. Many times, they’ve also been tested on their computer skills with specific programs. Their resumes have been carefully perused and they have been positioned to work at the companies they will excel at most. After all, the more successful the worker is, the more money the staffing agency makes. They want their people to do well.

Working with staffing agencies allows an employer to test potential employees better.

It is truly difficult to properly comprehend someone’s abilities until you actually work with them. Unfortunately, hiring someone after a few interviews usually doesn’t give you a full view of them as an employee. Some people who interview terribly can surprise an office by being wonderful employees while others who interview like champions may end up becoming lackluster workers. Hiring, training and firing someone can be prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, a lot of turnover tends to cause low morale in the workplace. All in all, it can become quite a risky proposition. When you don’t have to put someone on your payroll just yet, you can receive a more accurate picture of what they are like as an employee.

A need for a specific niche comes up.

It’s not unusual for a special project to come up that requires a certain skill set. If your current workforce doesn’t have someone with this skill, then you’ll have to bring someone new onboard to fulfill the role. And if the project is only going to last for a few weeks or months, then using a staffing provider is truly the best option. There is no need to hire a new employee if you are not going to have work for them after the project has been concluded.

The employee supply chain is now stifled as well.

It actually is hard to find good help these days. With some people in the workforce foregoing the extra training they would need for certain jobs due to not wanting to take on student loans, employers may find that the talent pool is considerably less talented right now. Of course, since staffing agencies specialize in finding the right workers 24-7, it is often much easier for them to locate the type of potential employee that a company may need. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for the average business owner to find a person that is perfectly suited to their needs. Since staffing agencies specialize in doing exactly this, the whole process of finding the ideal worker to fulfill a particular role has been made much more streamlined.

You’re concerned about unemployment claims.

This is a common issue that many employers have. Dealing with the EDD can be frustrating — and it can even take money out of your pocket. If the reason you terminated an employee was because there wasn’t enough work to go around, then this can make a bad situation even worse. But when you hire a staffing agency, the worker is on their payroll. They are responsible for dealing with unemployment, leaving you free to take on new people during the busy season and then let them go if necessary.

Your business starts booming.

Having too much work is always a good thing — until it isn’t. When you’re begging your employees not to take a day off because you desperately need the help, maybe it is time to talk to a staffing agency. Instead of conducting hundreds of interviews and waiting for background checks to come back, you can have qualified workers in your office the next day.

Businesses should consider several different staffing agencies.

Of course, a good relationship between a staffing agency and a client is like a marriage. These two entities are going to be communicating a lot, so it is crucial that they are compatible. Businesses should carefully screen prospective staffing agencies to ensure that they are going to be working with a team that is able to get them what they need. They should be open and honest about their needs. If they are the kind of company that has last-minute requests arise on a daily basis, then they should be transparent with the staffing agency from the beginning. Better lines of communication lead to better workers and more productivity, which is what both parties want at the end of the day.